In 1994 the Rolaar Thermocouple and Analyser Harness Assembly: RTH010694A1 was developed and manufactured for the Avon which achieves outstanding reliability on both base and peak operations.

The RTH010694A1 is a full retrofit system designed specifically for industrial Avon operations and made to order. Our extensive design, development and patented system offers unique features that include:


  • Modular system construction allowing engine downtime to be minimised. Typical in-field system retrofit time of three hours.
  • One common, double insulated, sheathed thermocouple for all eight positions, our design of thermocouple incorporates three alumel/chromel junctions encased in an Inconel outer sheath. In operation the thermocouple response time is under 1 second-giving the operator confidence and control.
  • Sight location keyways and full key change without nut removal.
  • Pre-set system allowing full inter-changeability of all four looms plus the analyser harness.  
  • Proven reliability, over 12,000 hours achieved with an operator, running on base load without a failure. Warranty period 4000 hours or 1 year.
  • Installation manual supplied with detailed assembly and electrical check procedures.

Problems created by high engine temperature, vibration and possible extraneous hot exhaust gas emissions are overcome by the following:

  • Multi layer heat and abrasion protection on all looms and analyser harness. Stainless steel braided outer casing with an inner sleeve of convoluted PTFE tubing. Internal loom assemblies constructed from PTFE "Kapton" insulated wiring, bonded by heat shrink sleeving.
  • Analyser harness located away from exhaust casing/transition section joint - eliminating possible heat ingress.
  • Five high grade aluminium housings mounted off the exhaust casing for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Silicone rubber sleeve inserts in all stainless steel union couplings.

We believe these features add up to a system which will give operator confidence, increased engine life, minimum on-site maintenance/service costs and stock holdings.

Thermocouple Harness Thermocouple Harness (726 KB)