Industrial gas turbine
component repair and overhaul

Rolaar are proud to be able to support the vast majority of customer requirements for Industrial Gas Turbines, both in the UK and overseas. We have access to the original specification and manuals, and every job we undertake is performed in accordance with OEM guidelines. Combined with nearly 3 decades of experience, your gas turbine and its components couldn’t be in better hands.

Rolaar are one of the few companies left with the
knowledge and capability to overhaul gas manifold purge valves.

Some of the components we can repair and overhaul

  • Exhaust Units, Casing, Outer and Inner Cone
  • Starter Fairings, Transition Section, Insulation Blankets
  • Front and Rear Heat Shields, Thermocouple Harness
  • Thermocouple Test and Repair, Magnetic Pick Up Leads
  • Ignitor Leads and Hign Energy Ignition Units
  • Gas Manifold Purge Valves, M9420 and M9421
  • Avon Fuel Burners, Avon Fuel Control Units RTC Series
  • Avon Liquid Fuel Pump GDS Series, Olympus Fuel Pumps MGD Series
  • Olympus Fuel Distributors and Flow Dividers
  • Avon Hydraulic Pumps GB Series, Pump Drives and Gears
  • Oil and Scavenge Pumps, Governor Pumps
  • Avon Outer Wheelcase, Lube and Scavenge Oil
  • Gas Control Valves, Shut Off Valves
  • Avon Pressurising Valves PV Series
  • Olympus Pressurising Valves-all types including SK sets
  • Avon and Olympus Anti Icing Valves all types
  • Avon Bleed Valves and Bleed Valve Bodies
  • Inlet Guide Vane Rams PV and N root T type
  • Keep Plates, Fuel Cooled Oil Coolers
  • Actuators, Electric Starter Motors, Air Starters
  • Intake Snouts, Nozzle Guide Vanes, Discharge Nozzles
  • Flame Tubes, HP Inner Air Seal Rear Bearing Housing
  • HP Sealing Air Transfer Tube, Radial Support Channel
  • Stage 1 Quadrants and 00 Stators, High Speed Shut Off Cocks
  • Bearings and Any special and required plating such as: vacuum brazing, aluminizing and protective coatings.

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